Company Profile

We, as a team of technicians with over 20 years of experience, have dedicated ourselves in providing 100% customer satisfaction. Our Quality Program insures each installation is performed to our standards. The reputation of Sailfish Communications Inc., since the inception of our corporation, is of number one priority.


Our Goal and Mission Statement
is in fact one in the same -
Complete Customer Satisfaction!
Sailfish Communications Inc.
realizes the key to success will
always be the satisfaction to our


Sailfish Communications technicians are thoroughly trained in all aspects of each installation and meets our standard of quality and customer satisfaction. If, for any reason, one of our technicians feel our standards are not being maintained, that technician has the authority to stop work until the problem can be resolved to the specifications of our Quality Program.


Type of Business

Maintenance and installation of fiber optic, voice, data, video and horizontal cabling.

Services Provided

  • Cable Plant Design

  • Troubleshooting Existing Network

  • MAC Move/Add/Changes

  • Latest Technology - Penta Scanner, Siemons - MT Cat 5, and Wire Scope with 4.2 for Enhanced Cat 5

  • Quality Inspections Performed

  • Telephone Systems - Move and Installation

  • Identify and Label Existing Station and IDF Closets.

  • BISCI Corporate Member


Response Time

Two hour response for all local emergencies, four to eight hour response for all emergencies outside of our local service area.



Sailfish Communication Inc. will provide a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all installations. All cables installed will be tested, labeled and documented with printouts of each installation that is performed. All technicians are required to "sign off" on each cable & termination with the date of the installation.


Time & Material Agreement

Sailfish Communications Inc. is pleased to offer exclusively our Time & Material Agreement. The agreement comes with the Lifetime Workmanship Warranty and we will honor other communication contractor agreements.



Sailfish Communications Inc. has predominately been working with nationwide cable companies throughout the State of Florida. Some of the on-going and completed projects are as followed:
World Savings
Met Life
Toys R Us
Borders Bookstore
World Com

Sailfish Communications Inc. now wants to work directly with you. Please write or call at the following:

3135 39th Avenue North Suite # 3
St. Petersburg, Florida 33714

(727) 302-0901
(727) 381-0700 Fax

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